5 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

Whether you’re an inspiring or even a published novelist or a freelance writer, you are bound to experience the dreaded writer’s block on occasion. There are always those occasions when writers become frustrated by a lack of inspiration. Sometimes it is caused by burnout, and sometimes by boredom, and it inevitably leads to reduced quality in one’s work or a lower degree of productivity. Sometimes, there seems to be no way to overcome writer’s block, but the following tips may help you to get back on track whether you write for your career or just as a hobby.

1. Get into a Routine

In order to become a successful writer, particularly if you write primarily for money, it is essential to approach it in the same manner as you would approach any other job. Getting into a routine requires a degree of discipline and the ability to overcome the many temptations to procrastinate. If you are a freelance writer, you probably chose such a career path primarily because of the freedom that it brings, but it is also this freedom to choose your own working hours that leads to laziness. While it can still be flexible, it is important to get into some manner of routine. Dedicate a certain amount of time per week to reading, researching and coming up with ideas as well as actually writing itself.

2. Write Down Your Ideas

As a writer, you never know when ideas will come to you. Spontaneity is key when it comes to getting inspired and coming up with ideas, and when something suddenly comes to you, you need to be able to write it down so that you will have something to refer to later on. Any writer should make sure that they are always armed with a notepad and pen, so that if the time comes when they have a new idea or something inspires them, they can write it down and refer back to it. While many writers should set aside a certain amount of time to brainstorming, it is also important to be spontaneous and keep an open mind both inside and outside of your actual working hours.

3. Read More

There aren’t many successful writers who aren’t also avid readers. However, contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need to stick primarily to reading subject matter which is directly relevant to your niche. Instead, it is wise to scour over the broadest range of subjects, since you never know where the ideas will actually end up coming from. Whether you’re a lover of fiction or an avid reader of the news, frequently reading books, blogs or any other kind of media will ultimately help you to build up and extend your areas of expertise while feeding you with a steady supply of inspirational material.

4. Get a Change of Scene

Writer’s block is most commonly a result of boredom, and we all experience it when suffering from burnout. In many situations, this boredom is a product of repetitiveness, but fortunately, it is also something which can usually be conquered quite easily and effectively. In many situations, a simple change of scene can work wonders. If you are in the habit of working in the same place all the time, you will likely end up yearning for a change of scene after a while. If you want to try something different, try taking your work to a café or coffee shop or even a public park. If the weather is good, try taking your work outside for a while. Being stuck in your home office day in day out is never going to be the best approach.

5.  Take a Break

Sometimes, the burnout is such that nothing else seems to work when it comes to trying to overcome the bane that is writer’s block. There are only so many ideas which can come to us, and sometimes it is better just to take a break. In order to write while maintaining a high degree of quality and authority, you need to be in the right frame of mind. Writing when you cannot get into the mood to do so will inevitably lead to lower quality work and less of it. If you have tried everything else to overcome writer’s block, try taking a day or two off to get a change of scene and stop thinking about work. In many cases, taking a break is the only practical and effective solution.